Well, the day has come. You’ve bought your new car or new-to-you car and drove it home, so life is good, right? It is until you pull into your driveway and see the old clunker you use to drive until fixing it became more expensive than getting something else. The clunker has served its purposes but it’s time to get rid of it. The question is how? Getting rid of a clunker can be a bit of a headache but it can be done. There are options and some are discussed here.

The first option, if you haven’t already bought another car is to trade the clunker in. No matter how bad a shape your old car is, most car dealerships will give you something. The problem with that solution, if the car is not running, is getting it to the car lot. Also, car dealerships are notorious for not giving you full value of the car, especially cars they are going to be selling to a junk yard or a parts place. However if the goal is simply to get rid of the car, then this is a solution.

Another solution is to take the car to the junk yard yourself. This is a solution if you have already bought a new or newer car. However again, you run into the problem of getting the car to the junk yard if the car is not running. Another issue is that junk yards will give you the value of the car based on the parts they think they can sell from your clunker. Junk yards also vary in the amounts they will give you and few will give you a bid over the phone so you will need to take the car to them. Again, if the goal is to get rid of the car, this is an option.

A third option is a company that buys junk cars. This is a good option if the car is not running as many will come to you, make an offer, and haul the car away if you accept the offer. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of a clunker with the least amount of hassle.

Getting rid of a clunker can be a headache but there are options to make that happen. Do a little research and soon your driveway will be clunker free.

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